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Why we are rethinking how to build, deploy, and distribute cloud software.
Will Haering · December 4th 2019

Over the past two years, we have explored how users can work most effectively across a growing number of cloud applications.

The web is a very effective platform on which people can collaborate and distribute software. But, this power comes with a price. Today's API- and OAuth-powered systems for accessing our web data are clunky and practically inaccessible. God forbid you try to integrate data from 12 different APIs. There is no consistency. Whatsoever.

While building 12 API integrations for our universal file organizer, we came to realize how difficult it is for cloud apps to work together. Many people have rapidly migrated their work into the cloud, but that work is increasingly stuck there.

In desktop filesystems, we have complete control over where our data lives. Multiple apps can even access the same files without needing to know anything about each other. Filesystems have powered computers for nearly six decades and we believe that they can power our cloud apps too.

Files are an effective skeumorphic interface for organizing and accessing digital work. Developing them into a consistent data layer for the cloud not only offers benefits to users but also removes a huge development hurdle: cloud backends.

Our mission is to rethink cloud software architecture, so a good place to start was organizing the data that's already accumulating. Focusing on files was a straightforward choice because they are both important and difficult to access once in the cloud. Each app handles them slightly differently and everything we upload is becoming scattered. Keeping track of files across so many tools is practically impossible.

Ultimately, we want to build a platform that will provide users with a seamless experience for all of their tools and any data they use. Over the next few years, we will change how cloud software is built, deployed, and distributed.

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