We're creating a platform for the next generation of cloud applications

  We are on a mission to replace APIs, backends, and databases with a platform for cloud software development inspired by today's operating systems.

Our Values

  Creativity and ingenuity

To rethink cloud software, we must solve many unfamiliar and unforeseen problems. Our reward is the exercise of considering and implementing creative solutions from the ground up.

  Details are everything

From the product to the business, we focus on nailing every detail. We seek to understand and document the details that matter in order to build processes through which we can do great work.

  Hyper Independent

Decisive, creative, and independent people are highly effective at understanding high surface area problems. We value teammates who can assess risks and begin to implement their own solutions.

  Win as a team

We are here to solve huge problems with an incredible group of people. We strive to support one another and continuously succeed together.

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We are building a close-knit group of technologists, product thinkers, designers, and marketing masters to rethink how we build, deploy, and distribute software on the web.

Interested? Email us at [email protected] or see open positions below.

Software Development Engineer

AnywhereEngineeringFull Time

One universe for all your apps.

[email protected]

Venice, CA 90291

Rethink Labs, Inc. Built in Venice, CA.